Risako Yamamoto, MS, L.Ac.                         Certified, Experienced Acupuncturist & Healer

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“I’ve been going to Risako for some 3 years now, and whatever the problem she has the solution. I’ve seen her for all sorts of stress related complaints, for colds and skin problems, even for nasty coughs and pick-me-up acupuncture facials. Her results are simply excellent. I couldn’t recommend her more for the obvious professionalism, value of service and her flexible approach. This office is very cozy and relaxing with an A-Grade NYC acupuncturist, who's a wealth of knowledge and support. I now have noticeably increased mobility and overall higher energy thanks to Risako. Truly a wonderful experience and I'v sent my friends and relatives to this office as well. It's clear that this is one of the best Acupuncturists in New York. Thank's Risako! I feel like a real person again” 

– Brendon T. (Midtown, Manhattan)

"I feel like a real person again"

“I am an avid rock climber and a tennis player. I started feeling pain in both my elbows after long climbs in the cold winter weather. My primary care physician diagnosed me with elbow tendinitis and prescribed several months of rest, anti-inflammatory, possible injections and down-the-road surgery if all of this doesn’t work. A typical diagnosis for tennis or golf-elbow seems to be quite the hopeless case. My doctor also recommended Risakos’ treatments as a fast-track alternative. It was a recommendation which I had no idea would turn out so well in my favor. Within a few weeks the pain was completely gone and I was as good as new to pursue my activities. Risako is very skillfully; with great accuracy. She applied a mixture of needles and heat therapy that had immediate results. 

After each session I felt less and less pain, and after it was gone, it never came back. One day I came to the office with the on-sight of a cold and Risako treated it as well: a needle or two and the cold never happened. Acupuncture worked like magic. In the process, Risako was very compassionate, friendly, candid and giving, and I highly recommend her to my friends and family for any of their health concerns. I’m truly very grateful to her for my treatment. This stuff really works” 

– Janice W. (Brooklyn, NY)

"This stuff really works"

“After searching online for Queens Acupuncture, I began seeing Risako over 4 years ago to help treat my infertility and PCOS symptoms like insomnia and anxiety. I had tried conventional methods of fertility medication and treatments and nothing helped, but after a few months of acupuncture and herbs with Risako, my cycle became regulated and I was able to conceive naturally! This rolled tears down my face and I went out and got my new acupuncturist flowers as a warm thank you. 

Risako treated me all during my pregnancy as well as tending to any ailment I have had in the last few years. sometimes I see her on a weekly basis, and I consider acupuncture with Risako to be an integral part of my self-care, and I highly recommend her to anyone seeking a deeper or alternative form of healing.” 

– Katherine P. (Bayside, NY)





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