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There are literally thousands of different herbs in whats known as the Chinese materia medica, and only about 300 of them are mostly used. An acupuncturist will put together a mixture of several unique herbs in a formula specifically designated to a patients condition. 

Chinese herbs are powerfully effective and usually have only mild side effects, if any, although it's real important to mention to the acupuncture practitioner about every single medication and supplement you're using in order to prevent any undesired interactions with your formula.

The wonderful aspect of these potent herbs is their ability to tackle bacteria's as well as virus infections. The herbs will have already been processed prior to being given to our patients. 

You might wonder why? 

It's because the processing may minimize potential side effects of unprocessed herbs. This is achieved by a detoxifying technique. Another crucial reason to process Chinese herbs is to thoroughly filter impurities like sand and dirt, which you of course don't want entering the body. In addition, processing may weaken the sharp taste or strong smell of the herbs. 

Lastly, it's significant to point out that processing Chinese herbs may enhance their purpose.

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