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Acupuncture is a practice that’s been healing people for more than two and a half thousand years. However, when it comes to the discussion of wellness, it becomes overwhelming for most people suffering with ailments to tackle such a broad subject. It’s increasingly evident that today’s modern times tend to solve most health concerns with pharmaceutical drugs and even surgery. Natural remedies such as Acupuncture open a healing flow of certain positive channels in our bodies known as Qi (pronounced Chi). This is something pills don’t accomplish for the body. A pill is a temporary solution that doesn’t even begin to address the problem and suppresses the underlying turmoil within, as well as causing side-effects because of the drugs’ aesthetic nature. The other pure and powerful alternatives include the use of of Cupping, Chinese Herbs and Moxibustion.

If you live in New York City then you’re likely to constantly be on the go. Getting your share of exercise just by walking around town is surely a plus. Suddenly those knees start hurting from the years of all that marching and even the back begins to deliver shooting discomfort. It happens to many across town on a daily basis. Pharmaceuticals and surgeries can get quite expensive just to feel better, not to mention in most cases taking years to reap any positive results.

Acupuncture in NYC is a less expensive, safer, natural and rewarding solution to a wide range of health concerns. It can even assist women with infertility for example. It’s essential that an accredited acupuncturist, with experience in pain management, can properly assess and treat a patient in a comprehensive and holistic approach. Holistic-oriented medicine takes into account various systems and parts of the body and how they affect people as a whole. If you’re a local or just visiting the Big Apple, you don’t have to live each day with pain and simply wait for it to bring relief on it’s own, because most of the time, the debilitating feeling stays. Acupuncture and pain management at our practice comes in the form of an attentive, friendly, results-driven and seasoned acupuncturist. Her name is Risako Yamamoto and she’s been healing thousands who’ve come to her from across the big city.

When considering a problem like reproductive failure, a solid solution begins with infertility acupuncture. It provides aspiring mothers with a clinical solution without going to the clinic by way of small, thin needles aimed at reversing reproductive road blocks. This is a very common set back faced by thousands of women each and every year in New York City.

Japanese acupuncture requires much less manual stimulation than Chinese acupuncture does

Needles used for Japanese acupuncture treatments are thinner and shorter, which contribute to patient comfort





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